Friday, December 31, 2010

The Seed Order List

Finally, here is the list of most of the seeds we will be ordering for the family garden.  There will be some additions for the Market Garden, and some Herbs, Flowers (a lot), Berries, Trees, and Pasture Mix.  That should get us through spring.

Crop                         Variety           Source
Tomato - Slicing        Stupice              T
                                 Legend              T
                                 Fraziers Gem     T
Tomato - Roma         Heinz                T
                                 San Marzano    T
                                 Principe Borghese T
Tomato - Cherry       Koralile            T
Tomato - Heirloom   Tiffen Mennonite T
                                 Japanese Trifela Black T
Pepper - Bell             North Star            T
                                 Yankee Bell            J
Pepper - Sweet           Italian Pepperoncini T
                                   Yum Yum Gold T
                                  Alma Paprika     T
Pepper - Hot               Long Thin Cayenne T
                                  Early Jalapeno      T
Cucumber - Pickling    Alibi                     J
Squash - Zucchini         Plato (green)      J
                                   Soleil (yellow)     J
Squash - Winter          Tuffy (acorn)      J
                                   Blue Ballet (hubbard) J
                                  Sun Shine (kabocha) J
                                    Waltham (butternut) J
                                  Sweet Potato Beauregard J
                                  Pumpkin Racer Plus J
                                    Charisma J
Peas - Shell                       Strike J
                                   Caselode J
Peas - Snap                 Sugar Ann J
Beans - Green              Jade J
Beans - Fillet                 Maxibel J
                                    Velour J
                                    Concador J
Beans - Pole                 Fortex J
Soybean                       Tohya J
Lettuce - Leaf               Cherokee J
                                     Dancine J
                                     Breen J
                                     Australe J
                                     Concept J
                                     Magenta J
Lettuce - Romaine         Costal Star J
Spinach                         Emu J
                                    Corvair J
                                    Spargo J
                                    Tyee J
Swiss Chard                 Bright Lights J
Arugula                        Arugula J
Kale                             Ripbor J
Red                              Russian J
                                    Toscano J
Cabbage - Red               Red Express J
Cabbage - Napa              Minuet J
Pop Corn                      Miniature Colored J
                                     Robust J
                                     Early Pink T
Broccoli                        De Cicco J
Eggplant                        Hansel J
                                    Grettel J
                                    Fairy Tale J
Carrots                        Bolero J
                                   Napoli J
Onions - Yellow Storage Copra J
Onions - Red Storage Red Zeppelin J
Onions - Sweet          Gold Coin J
                                  Red Marble J
Leeks                         King Richard J
                                  Lexton J
                                  Bandit J
Shallots                      Pikant J
                                  Ambition J
Daikon                       Discovery J
                                  Miyashige J
Beets                         Red Ace J
                                  Bulls Blood J
Radicchio                   Leonardo J
                                    Fiero J
Melons - Cantaloupe  Sweet Granite J
Melons - Charentais   Savor J
Watermellon               Moon & Stars T
                                  Petite Treat T
Dried Beens Cannellini Lingot T
                                   Yin Yang T
(Looks like the formatting fell apart. Don't have time to fix it. The T is for Territorial, and the J is for Johnny Seed.)
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