Wednesday, December 1, 2010

sTiLl bReAtHiNg

It's been a busy few weeks.  We made a ton of fudge (about 200 lbs) and sold almost all of it.  We had a couple of big gift box orders and a Holiday Show.  It was great.  Orders are still coming in and we are filling them as fast as we can.  It is hard to blog while stirring fudge.  Hot sugar and keyboards don't mix well.

We added a new family member.  This is Comet.  He is JJ's new project.  She hopes to train him as a Therapy Dog.  He's 8 months old, really smart, and fun to have around.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.  It is good to get together.
JJ decided to go meet some Therapy Dogs in person.  She has been spending the week at Children's recovering from a ruptured appendix. 

It's snowing this morning.  Should make the 2 hour drive to see my girls a lot of fun.

I will post the rest of the bits cluttering my head as soon as life settles again.


Esther Montgomery said...

I expect you have mixed feelings about the fudge. Wouldn't it be good to have loads left so you could eat your way through it over the year!


Daphne said...

200lbs is a lot of fudge. It is the busy season. I bet you will be happy when Dec 25th rolls around and you can breath again.

Barbee' said...

Awww, poor little JJ! Thank heavens for antibiotics. Today is my father's birthday. Born 1908, he would have been 102 if he were still living. When he was seven years old, he suffered of a ruptured appendix. No antibiotics back then. They bought a small rocking chair with no arms that would touch his side; stuffed the wound with cloths for draining; and prayed. To entertain him, his maternal grandmother taught him how to tat (make lace by hand with a bobbin). I wish JJ well and a speedy recovery with no complications. Hope the girls are home soon. If I were ill, I would love to have a visit from a cute little dog to distract me from the hum drum of it all. I am behind with my reading. I see there is a more recent post telling that she is home. That's good news. I'll jump over there.

Laurie Harrison said...

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