Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A snapshot of what we eat

Here's a quick look at what we ate for breakfast and how far we have to go in the next three months.

Whole wheat pancakes for breakfast.  Simple, made from scratch, topped with local maple syrup.  This is what the kids ask for almost every day.  So where do all these ingredients come from?

Flour - King Arthur Premium Whole Wheat - At least as far away as Kansas, probably farther.  700 - 1000 miles.
Canola oil - Generic - Somewhere in Canada.  700 - 1000 miles
Baking Powder - Sodium bicarbonate from a mine somewhere and corn starch from the Nebraska (probably).  At least 1000 miles.
Sugar - Domino - Somewhere in Florida probably.  700 miles
Whole Milk - our cow - 150 feet
Free Range Eggs - our chickens - 150 feet
Maple Syrup - Adelsberger's Farm - 5 miles

Obviously we have a problem.  If it isn't from our back yard, the stuff we ate for breakfast traveled WAY TOO FAR.  More than half of the ingredients for today's breakfast traveled at least 700 miles.  That's not local.

Solutions we will start exploring. 

Local Grain Mills and Local grain producers.
Switching to local honey instead of sugar (except for fudge making... fudge doesn't set when made with honey.)
Changing what we eat.  If breakfast was scrambled eggs, yogurt, and bottled or frozen fruit, we could have been almost entirely local.

So, where did your breakfast come from?
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