Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Spring is here.  It's a time of change.  Today it was almost 70 degrees out.  Tomorrow they are predicting 19 for a low.  Radical change in temperature.  Normal for spring in OHIO.  Change is happening all around me.  The ground has thawed and the millions of soil creatures are ramping up.  The lawn is rough with the work of worms cleaning out their winter homes.  (and with moles and voles making mountians...)  Plants are breaking their dormancy and pushing through the soil, or the hard winter bark.  Life is ready to burst forth at a moments notice.

Around the world change is happening too.  The earth shifts and shrugs.  Life changes for millions, or billions of creatures living in that place. 

Humans rise up and demand change.  Life changes across the globe for humans everywhere (and for billions of others living here too...)

So, I've been thinking about change.

I once worked for a person who described their own job as "inflicting change on others".  It was a very accurate discription.  I think that is a standard human approach to change.  We eithere inflict it, or have it inflicted on us.  It is a VERY ineffective method.  The inflictor can't possibly know enough to impliment the right kind of change, an never stays around long enough to see the consequences anyway.  Those inflicted automatically resist, even it it is a good change (check your speed next time you hit a 55 mph zone... or see a trooper parked in the median...)  Logic has no part in this, we RESIST... that's what we do.
The other option is Gandhi's approach "be the change..."  Sounds great, but it's a hard way to live.

So, since I can't be King Of The World and inflict change where I will, I've been trying to be the change. 

Two ways I've found.  Change me, and live (like a weird polyp, walled off from society), or be a catalyst.  Cause change by mixing with others.  It's a radical approach.  If you remember high school chemistry, catalysts were the key in making all kinds of cool stuff.  Some of it was green, some of it exploded, or gave off a great stink, or made light, or fire.  Catalysts were COOL!

Of course, the catalyst ALWAYS gets consumed in the process.  Great Change.  Great Personal Sacrifice.

It's Lent now.  Thoughts of catalysts seem to run through the week.

Do we dare BE the change???

(more normal thoughts tomorrow... Local Food, Baby Goats, Kids, Cars, Etc...)
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