Tuesday, April 19, 2011


First asparagus harvest.  Guess what we are having for dinner?


Stuart and Gabrielle said...

Hi Alan,
We're cutting asparagus too, what fun! For lunch, we're eating asparagus spears (blanched for two minutes, then refreshed in cold water) sprinkled with cheddar cheese, then wrapped in our our cured (Prosciutto-style) ham and these little parcels fried in olive oil until the ham crisps and the cheese oozes ... yum!
Here's a good link for asparagus recipes from the BBC:
And, by the way did you receive my email of 4th April with my poultry questions? If not, I'll send it again. If so, where's my answers?
Cheers and Bon appetit!

jack-of-all-thumbs said...

Looks great. Ours is coming in as well, but yours is prettier. A question that I should know the answer to, but don't: does cutting encourage more production? Or, put another way, does failure to harvest, lead to less production?

Alan said...

Stuart - thanks for the link. We are in the season now and trying lots of new ways of cooking asparagus.

Jack - My experiance with asparagus is that harvesting stimulates more growth. It does depend on how old your bed is. The best asparagus we ever had grew wild on the ditch banks around our farm when I was a kid. We harvested for about 6 weeks, the everything got mowed or burned, usually multiple times each year. The asparagus seemed to love it. Here is a link the OSU's basic home grown asparagus page. They also seem to support the idea that harvest stimulates growth.


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