Sunday, January 27, 2013

Be careful what you wish for...

We find ourselves in a mythic situation here at the Roost.  The gods/universe have granted us what we asked for.  But like the gods of the Greeks, the granting wasn't quite what we had hoped.  We wished for a life where we had more time together, where we could follow our dreams and our talents here at the farm, expressing our creativity and living a good life.  What we got was an opportunity to do just that.  But, like most programs handed down by gods and governments, it came as an unfunded mandate.  CC's job was cut.  Now we are depending on my part time hourly wage at TSC and our wits to make the dream happen.  We could be depressed.  We could bolt and run (done that before).  Or, we could take up the challenge.  I was planning on the new version of this blog to be about the philosophical challenges I'd encountered trying to create my ideal micro farm.  Now, it looks to be more about one real life struggle.  I'm sure there will be a bit of philosophy mixed in, but mostly the gritty truth about one family stepping outside the system.
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