Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Roberts Roost Blog - Part 2

So, any of you who have read my blog will have noticed that we haven't written much in the last year.  Lots has happened, but it didn't make good blog material for me, and I didn't have time.  Here's where we find ourselves....
  • We are still on the farm.
  • We are still trying to make a living from what we do.
  • We are also being more active about finding a balance between making a living and making a LIFE.  We have learned that they are not always the same thing.  And that some to the things we thought of as activities for making a living were more about making a life.  There is a tension there we will be exploring as we blog more.
  • We are not trying to save the world anymore.
  • We are trying to figure out the interface between our life and the world as it is.
I will be writing more about this and other things as we figure out how to make a life and a living from our tiny bit of ground.
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