Thursday, January 29, 2015

Why write every day?

If you have looked at this blog at all, you will see that writing consistently has been a challenge lately.  There are many reasons that happened, and most of them are still factor in my life.  So, today when I sat down to write I decided I needed to clarify for my self WHY I am taking on this challenge.  Why add in another activity I don't have time for?  We have big plans for the Roost this year.  We expect to feed ourselves to a great extent from what we produce, we plan to create a viable farm-stay business, and finally move the farm to a level of production that it is financially self sustaining.  We have new skills we want/need to learn, teenage kids to keep up with, projects at school, church, and in the community, scouts, and a host of other things already on the calendar.  So again I ask my self "WHY?" and I find that the answer is simple.  Change happens when you have a vision of where/how you want to be and when you pay attention to the thousands of little choices made every day and choose those things that consistently move you in the desired direction.  Writing every day gives me a way to stay focused on the little things that will add up to the big things we are trying to accomplish.  It is a way to live deliberately, to be conscious of the little choices and use them to move toward our goal.
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