Wednesday, March 21, 2007

First day of spring

We got in some great work on the greenhouse today. Of course the temp got up to 70 deg. F. If it keeps this up I won't need a greenhouse until fall. The greenhouse we are building is a modified Solviva type greenhouse. I've taken some of Anna Eddy's ideas and applied them to a conventional hoop house. (the folks around here who know anything about greenhouses keep stopping to tell me I am doing it all wrong.) By the end we should have a greenhouse that is quite productive all winter with zero or at the most some small amount of wood fire supplemental heat. It will take me until fall to get all the pieces in place, but we are almost there on the basic structure. If the weather holds one more day I should be ready to plant stuff inside by Monday.The baby goats made it through the night and are doing really well.

I'll put in some greenhouse pictures next time I get down the hill with the camera. Anyone who wants more details should comment, I will tell them to first read Anna Eddy's Solviva book, and then I would be happy to have a conversation.

The chickens flooded us with eggs today. That's great as we have a huge order for tomorrow. I really need to either raise the price or find another feed solution. The amount of feed I am having to import is huge, and that is something I must get figured out. I'd love to here any ideas you folks may have.

Overall it was a blissful 70 deg. day.
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