Monday, May 7, 2007

Harvesting the grass

We finally found a good used riding lawnmower for a few hundred dollars. The past few days we have been doing battle with the runaway lawn. For some reason when the grass gets over 6 inches high it doesn't cut very well. We finally did get it mowed down, and have started gathering it for our chicken food experiment. We are trying to make grass silage on a very small scale. Basically we are letting the grass dry for a day, raking it up and packing it into 50 gal. drums. We have mixed in a small amount of grain to aid the fermentation process. When we get the barrels packed full we will let them sit until fall. It should make nice (but smelly, kind of like grass sour kraut) chicken feed. If it works it will be a big step toward producing all of our own feed for the animals.

We sold a lot of eggs this past week. People really love them. We also had some success with cheese. We have been testing it on family and friends and had really good responses. This week we will try some feta and maybe a hard farm cheese.

We had frost this morning. Hopefully we didn't get hit too hard.
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