Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sweet Potatoes and Fun

It hasn't been all dark thoughts and seriousness here. We have had a lot of fun in the past few weeks. We put up a swing set which we got from Connie's brother Barry and his family. It is very nice. The kids love it. They worked very hard re-staining all the wood, moving it into place, and holding things so we could get it all together. Now they have a place to escape to while I do the farm work.

Another fun thing we did was taking Daisy (one of our baby goats) and MayZ (the calf) to the Head Start family day. We set up a fence and let all the kids come in a pet them. The animals were surprisingly well behaved. Julia and Rowan were great. They think we should do this at the Farmers Market. (Sounds like a nightmare to me.) There were about 500 people at the family fun day. I think all of them came to see the animals, some more than one time. It was a fun, exhausting day.

We had fun with Relay For Life too. We made a giant Jukebox as part of the site decorations. Each team had a camp site near the walking track that they had to decorate according to the theme. This year was "A Song in Your Heart". Our team won the site decoration contest. There were also competitions all night long to keep the teams going. Connie was in a lot of things, and so were the kids. Our team had the highest total from the games during the 24 hours. It was a lot of fun. We also exceeded our fundraising goal of $2500.00 which was very exciting.

Today we are going to plant sweet potatoes. It looks like it will be a beautiful blue sky day. The temp should get close to 90 which is a bit warm for May, but the potatoes will love it. It's supposed to rain tomorrow. I hope we get done before then.
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