Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Why Bother?

I was asked the other day why I bother with this blog. "It looks like you are writing to yourself. Why don't you just keep a journal. Only one person ever comments and you could just talk with him on the phone." All of that is pretty much true. I do hear from a few other people who say they check out my blog from time to time, but it isn't on anyone's must see list. So, why bother?

I have several reasons for blogging. 1) I want to change the world. 2) Writing to the public in general helps me clarify my thinking and remember why I am doing what I am doing. 3) To make any progress toward a goal or vision you must constantly evaluate what you are doing. You must check to see that the decisions you are making are moving you toward your goal. That's what I mostly use the blog for. It is a chance for me to sit down and think about what I am doing in light of my vision. I like it when people comment. I like thinking that there are people out there reading about what I am doing. It keeps me honest with myself. But I write mostly for me.

There is an interesting article on the Bioneers website by Paul Hawkins. I really want to comment on it, but I'm not up to taking on Paul this late at night. Maybe I'll find the time tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Why bother?
Oh boy! You bother because it gives people like me who might not have the time or words to make many comments, but who check your blog every other day for many reasons, an easy way to follow what's potting.
Firstly to stay connected to the Roberts clan and see how those beautiful children are growing up, and to have a sense of what a friend hundreds of miles away is up to.
And secondly to be able to remind myself that even though I am currently "trapped" in a suburban consumer reality there is hope for it all to be different. That someone out there is living the dream and at least trying to question what seemingly everyone else around me takes as a given.

So that when I'm sitting in my little plywood office staring at my computer screen for hours I can sometimes quietly slip away to a beautful farm in Ohio and gather myself towards myself.

Thank you!

Nathan said...

Stop fishing for complements and keep blogging. You know why you are doing this. Don't doubt. Keep on keeping on.

Jacob said...

And plus, I had no idea what you were up to, and now I do. And if I'm ever in Ohio, I'll be sure to invite myself over. So there.

-Cousin Jake

PS. Sarah and I are living in SLC. She's about to start her fourth year of med school. I'm finishing up my masters in communication. I thought I wanted to be a journalist, but through the process of getting educated I learned that I wanted to keep doing what I was doing before, which was commercial real estate appraising. In other news, Sarah is going to Kenya for 4 weeks this summer and I'm gonnna head over for 2 weeks. She'll be working in a clinic; I'll be chilling.


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