Thursday, September 20, 2007

One Week Till the Fair

We have been having fun the past week or so getting our goat Orphea ready for the fair. I didn't realize how much work went into getting a 4H animal ready to show. Her hair has to be trimmed a certain way, her hooves clipped and polished, everything shampooed, and continual practice on leading and posing. It has been fun, but challenging to fit into an already busy schedule.

We started harvesting our sweet potatoes. They did exceptionally well. I was afraid they would be a failure this year because I had a really hard time getting water to them. It was a pleasant surprise to start digging them and find lots of giant tubers.

Garlic will be going in next month, so we are doing bed preparation in the garlic plot. We will be planting about three times as much garlic this fall. Everyone is excited to see how it turns out. People have really liked what we had this year. Lots of repeat customers. We will be adding in some softneck garlic for braiding and some elephant garlic. The elephant garlic is a bit more work, but when it does well it is a great crop.

We have big plans for trees and berries this fall. It would be nice to get them started, but finding time to do the prep work and get them planted will be a big challenge.

The house painting is coming along slowly. I think the color shocks people a bit. It isn't really a traditional farm house color. We really like it, and can't wait until it is all done.
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