Monday, October 1, 2007

The Fair!

WOW!!! What an all consuming activity. The whole county closes down. Last year we thought that was crazy, but this year with one of our children showing an animal we understand why. Lots of kids show multiple animals. I don't know how they do it. The animals have to stay at the fair all week. That means you have to be at the fair all week to take care of them. That puts a bit of strain on the schedule and the pocketbook (the kids who are showing get a pass to get in, but the parents don't.)

Julia and Orphea did really well at the goat show. Orphea placed second in the dry yearling class, and Julia placed first in First Year Dairy Goat Showmanship and second in overall Dairy Goat Showmanship. We were all very excited. It was a long day. The dairy goats were after the pygmy goats (there were 140 pygmy goats entered). We had no idea how long it would take to get through the pygmy goats (almost three hours). The Dairy group was pretty small so it went fast, but it was still after 7pm before we got home. We started at 9am at the fair. That's a pretty long day watching goats and eating fair food. We did get to ride some rides and see some of the other fair entries. We had to return on Sunday to take care of Orphea and for Connie to work the Hopewell booth. Two full days at the fair should be enough for anyone. The rest of the week we will just tend to the goat and go home. We have enough projects to do here to fill all the time. School starts back on Wednesday. I guess I will be tending the 4H goat after that.

Thousands of Pygmy Goats

"Listen to the judge, Orphea!!"

Overall Showmanship

"We are the Champions!"

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