Thursday, December 6, 2007

Alberta Clipper

The Clipper has moved through leaving bright clear skies and cold. It was 4 deg. F this morning at 5 when I went out to do the chores. The stars were so bright, the air was cold enough that my breath froze in my beard, and the snow squeaked and popped as I walked. Reminded me of Wyoming.

All the animals made it through the night without a problem. I have three really cold chickens who didn't go into the coop. I'm not sure how they survived. I guess they huddled together in a little snow nest. I hope they learn soon.

I'm glad we have the 5 inches of snow cover. My least cold tolerant garlic is up 3 inches and I haven't mulched it yet. The snow should have protected it from the worst of the cold. When it melts this weekend I will have to get some mulch on the bed.

The fireplace is installed in the living room. I should get the chimney through the roof today. It will be nice to have some non-electric supplemental heat. It will also be nice to have the additional living space. Our three bedroom house should be big enough for us but right now we really only use about half of it. After the holidays I hope to get the third bedroom finished. That will make a big difference for all of us.

The kids had fun sledding yesterday. If it warms up a bit this afternoon I'm sure they will do some more sledding and maybe attempt the first snowman of the season.

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