Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Snow Day

We awoke to the first real snow of the season. Four inches and still falling. School has been canceled so the kids are running wild. Yesterday I couldn't get them to go outside to play. It was "too cold". Now I can't get them to come in. It is amazing how much fun 4 inches of powder can add to a cold windy day. I don't think they will get much sledding in or a snowman made until it warms up a bit. The snow won't pack.
The goats refused to go out today. They aren't really good at picking through the snow looking for food anyway. May and MayZ went out. They were standing at the gate waiting to go when I got to the barn this morning. Dexter cows are great about grazing.
I have about five chickens who will not sleep in the coop. I found them with a couple inches of snow on their backs this morning. They seem fine. I'm not sure they will survive if it gets really cold.
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