Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Complaining about the Weather

I guess I must be a farmer! It seems that all I do is complain about the weather. What ever it is it isn't ever right. Yesterday, for example, was beautiful. It warmed up to almost 70 degrees. Unfortunately, the warm weather melted all the snow in one afternoon. Mud city! I couldn't get out and do anything because the ground was so soft that all I would do would be to make a muddy mess. The goats bleated hopefully when I came to the barn, but I couldn't put them out. The pasture was a bit too wet.


Wish my rain catchment system was done. Or even one of the ponds. I'm going to be needing that water come summer. Maybe when it drys out I can get one of the ponds done. (of course I'll need it to rain then and it wont.)

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