Friday, March 7, 2008

Spring, what else can I say

I'll just let the picture speak.

We are supposed to get between 6 and 9 inches between now and tomorrow night. The temp shouldn't get above 30. I'm pretty sure my planting calendar has me planting peas and potatoes on the 18th. It better warm up a bit or I will need a hammer-drill to get them in the ground.

Tonight should be a big night for lambs. It's that time of year, and they always seem to come when the weather is at it's worse. (One wonders how the species survived.) We have one doe who is due to kid on the 10th. I'm hoping she will be a bit late. Never the less, I will be visiting the barn late and early (and more often if I see any sign). We are on the list at a neighboring Jersey dairy for a couple of bull calves. They are due this month or next. I hope it's next month when I have plenty of milk, and not tomorrow when I can't drive anywhere and we would have to pry them off the ground.

The only thing here at the farm that is loving this weather is the garlic. Freezing temps during winter really make it thrive. The berry plants scheduled for delivery at the end of the month will be a bit stressed if I don't have some time to prep a spot for them.

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