Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fun and Frolic

Patty and Molly frolicking in the pasture with the big goats. They spent the day in the sun and seemed to really enjoy it.

The chickens got moved out of the gardens today. They are back batting clean-up for the goats and cows. They do a better job than a harrow. They are a bit slower, but they eat the weeds and the bugs, and they fertilize as they go.

The elephant garlic jumped out of the ground this week. Guess it was holding out for a bit of heat. All the garlic looks good. I'll really have to work on marketing this year.

I started preping some of the garden beds now that the chickens have moved out. I was cruising along with the broad fork, my favorite bed prep tool (it's the two handled thing standing in the picture above) when I hit a rock. Usually it just pops the odd rock out of the bed with out any trouble, but this one bent one of the tines and didn't budge. After 45 minutes of serious digging(with a spud bar no less) I realized that there were the remains of an old farm building buried under one end of my garden beds. The picture shows my bed prep tools and the pile of concrete and stone I dug out of the last 5 feed of the bed. The next bed was no better. It does explain the dry spots in the beds last year.

A finished bed. Now that I've made it, perhaps I should lie in it.

We launched our egg hatching project today. Rowan was home sick today, so he did most of the work. I'll be posting the happenings soon. Right now I'm too tired, and I still have evening chores to do.

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