Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Getting out of the barn

The weather finally got good enough that I could get the animals out of the barn for a while. They still get hay morning and night, probably for another two weeks, there isn't enough green grass out yet to expect them to survive on that alone. But they seem to be enjoying the extra space, the sun, and the tender nibbles they find buried in the remains of last years grass. The first day I put them out, May, our Dexter cow, really kicked up her heels, jumping and bucking like a calf.

We had a nice visit to Columbus over Easter weekend. Molly and Patty traveled well and were a hit in the neighborhood. The cousins loved feeding them, and the neighbors came over to check them out. Even Grandma thought they were cute, though having them take up residence in her garage didn't thrill her.

This morning it was 23 degrees. The sun is shining and things are starting to thaw. Sandy seems to have the program for the day under control. Wish I could join him and bask a bit, but... the list of projects is starting to grow at an exponential rate. Maybe when I retire.
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