Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm not as young as I once was

We survived the "blizzard of 08" (since the year has just started it seems a bit premature to name it that, but that's the weather guessers for you.) We only ended up with about 12 inches in most places. We did have some drifts that were over 4 feet. Averaged out we probably got around 15 inches. The kids had a great time. They sledded at least 4 times on Saturday and some more on Sunday. They built snow forts, made snow angles, and thoroughly enjoyed the event.


Connie and I enjoyed the snow too. It is kind of fun to know you have plenty of wood to keep warm and plenty of food to keep fed, and just enjoy being snowed in. We got a lot of little projects done around the house. The new pantry in the kitchen is finally finished and filled.

It is great to have the storage space and a place to hang all the coats (with a door on it so you don't have to see the clutter all the time.)

I saw a study that said only 3% of births happen on the due date. Fortunately, our goat Daisy didn't fall in that 3%. Still no kids. I hope they hold off a few more days until it's warmer.

The down side of all this snow became apparent on Sunday afternoon when we started digging out the 200 feet of driveway so everyone could get to work and school on Monday. (I think a blade for the lawn tractor is on the list for next year. OR, maybe something a bit bigger). After 3 hours of digging I realized that "I'm NOT as young as I once was." I can feel every shovel full this morning.
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