Friday, March 14, 2008

Meet the New Kids on the Block

Yes!!! Daisy finally delivered. Two beautiful kids. It has been a long, cold, damp, day but everyone is doing just fine. Helping with the delivery was magical. Not quite on par with being there when my own children were born, but still an absolutely amazing thing.
We had quite a birthday. It was cold and rainy. Mom worked really hard to get us here. Now we are warm and dry in this box in the kitchen. We love milk. Do you like our coats? We don't have names yet. Do you have any suggestions?


jack-of-all-thumbs said...

They're gorgeous! Congratulations to Daisy and her owners. I'll show my wife (the veterinarian) your pictures in the morning.

I'm posting this while sitting next to possibly our newest family member, a young stray dog that my wife brought home after finding her in a ditch next to a major highway while out on a house call. She's asleep in a crate, seemingly happy as a clam. So far she's passing the dog-test, the cat-test and the chicken-test (though she failed the housebroken-test earlier tonight).


Ms. Anne - the farmer said...

Love the color pattern! What did you name them? At Mule Shoe Farm we named ours Rock Lee and Anabelle.


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