Sunday, April 6, 2008

Egg Hatching - a second look

We have tried several times to candle our eggs from the incubator to see what is happening. No luck. We just don't have a bright enough light source to give any detail to the inside of our dark shelled eggs. So tonight, day 9 we decided to take a look. That means we will only have 13 possible chicks at the end, but we needed to know for sure something was happening. It would be a waste to get to the end of the 21 days and get nothing.

At day 9 the things should have developed to look like this. (from the 4H chick development poster)

This is what we found when we cracked our egg open.

Probably not what you would want for breakfast, but right on the money as far as development. We should have chicks hatching on the 18th.

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