Monday, April 7, 2008

Mobile Housing For Free-Range Chickens

I moved the chicken house today. It had been parked for the winter since the first part of February. It quickly became apparent that after two summers and two winters the flaws in the original design were truly flaws, and the basic structure was starting to fall apart too. A rebuild is definitely in order!!!

Our chicken house is built around the basic poultry shelter sold by Farm Teck. That basic shelter has held up very well!!! We added a wooden frame, roosts, nest boxes, and attachable wheels. The base frame is starting to fall apart, and the wheels never really worked as we planned. I'd say that this week we will get it rebuilt, but I know what is on the schedule for the end of the week, and it won't happen until next week.

I will post the process and the results when we do it. For now here is the current mobile chicken house. Despite it's flaws, it has served us well through two summers, and two winters. It has withstood gale force winds, rain, ice, snow, temperatures below -11 degrees, and been pulled all over our 5 acre "paradise. Through it all it has provided adequate shelter for our 50+ chickens. Now it needs a bit of a spruce-up.
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