Tuesday, April 22, 2008

International Food Crisis

The past few weeks the international food crisis has been in the news a lot. There was an article in the New York Times and a couple of radio stories on NPR to name a few. Mostly they highlight how we are now facing crises in the global grain supply and how that is leading to political unrest in many places. Global Warming, oil prices, ethanol, and the lifting of trade barriers, along with a growing demand for protein rich foods like beef in China, India, and other countries have been blamed for the situation.

Solutions being proposed range from closing the borders to imports to encouraging more people to adopt vegetarian/vegan diets, to switching from grain dependent diets to potatoes (I’m sure there are some folks in Ireland who may have an opinion on that last one).

Not much mention of changing the system to one that more closely aligns with natural laws. Changing from a system built on importing resources to fuel unending growth to one that uses local resources to meet local needs and accepts the limits of those resources as the limits to growth in that area. Not much call for more local, small scale, ecological agriculture as a way out of the crisis.

I think they are wrong. If we develop, (or even allow the development of) small, local, sustainable food production aimed at meeting local needs we will be taking a giant step toward food security, social stability, and environmental balance. Unfortunately, the powers, and the folks funding the powers, won’t allow this kind of small scale development because they lose their control of the market and the population. They keep the current, GET BIG OR GET OUT, system in place with government incentives, expensive food “safety” regulations, and corporate sponsored “research” aimed at promoting their position.

I’m choosing the path of Non-Cooperation. Join me. Live Locally.

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