Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day

We didn't go A Maying as is tradition in some parts of the world (and in cultures we have close ties to.) Though we could have. The pastures are bursting with new grass, flowers, and even the seed heads of some species. The trees are covered in blossoms and new leaves. The gardens are newly turned, waiting to be seeded. But... there is now screen between us and the road or the NRA/Nascar neighbors and I'm sure they would have objected.

We did, however, welcome new life into the world. Ginger (contrary to the comment I posted on Irish Sally's blog describing the arrival of their new baby goats) delivered a beautiful baby doe, on pasture, without help, almost a week early. That is the way it's supposed to work. We named her Nutmeg and will call her Meg.
Meg's first visit to the house

The other babies are thriving. They are becoming a bit of a handful to manage. The pen in the barn that easily holds all the adult goats is no challenge for the young ones. I think new housing is in order.
Trying to wrangle them for dinner

I predicted that Ginger would kid this weekend. Tomorrow I have to go on a school trip with the children. Saturday is the opening of the Farmers Market. Sunday is our sons First Communion. I'm amazed and pleased that she came through today.
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