Monday, May 5, 2008

A very busy weekend!

Happy Cinco de Mayo

We've had quite a busy weekend; field-trip safaris, opening day at the Coshocton Farmers Market, First Communion, and Hopewell preschool visiting the farm. We are exhausted.

The field trip to the Wilds on Friday was brilliant. We got to see free-ranging herds of various endangered antelope, rhinos, wild horses, cheetahs, various birds, and giraffes. It was less than an hour from home, which makes it a great resource for us. If you are ever in east central Ohio I would recommend it.
The Wilds

Saturday was the opening of the Coshocton Farmers Market. It started raining at 8am and rained until 1pm. The Market was open from 8:30 until noon. It was miserable. Still, it was good to be there and begin the process. After that we came home and watched the Kentucky Derby. Always a good time. The kids made hats and we all picked horses. None of us won, but it was fun.
A Rainy opening day at the market
Derby hats

First Communion went very well. Lots of family and fun. Nutmeg went to Columbus with us and was a big hit. When we got home the chickens feasted on scraps from as far away as Cincinnati. Saving kitchen scraps for the chickens is getting to be a family competition.
First Communion

Hopewell School Special Needs Preschool Class came for a visit today. They got to milk a goat, feed the babies, pet the cow, gather eggs, chase the chickens, and cook marshmallows on the fire. Everyone had a great time. The children skipped school to help. Somehow it seemed more worthwhile than another math or phonics worksheet.

Milking Orphea

Petting May
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