Monday, June 2, 2008

Betty Davis Eyes

We have been talking about getting a couple of bull calves to raise for beef since before we bought this place. Every time we go to the store to by hamburger or steak we reminise about our time in Wyoming when we had 700+ lbs of beef in the freezer and never even thought about buying it. That has been part of the plan, discussed regularly, from the start of this project.

So, we finally get things in order to handle a couple of calves, find a source, and buy them. Great!! Except, they are so cute. They look at you with those big brown Betty Davis eyes, rub up against you asking for milk or a scratch behind the ear, and you just love them. There have already been tears over the idea of eating them. Maybe in a year and a half they wont be so cute, and we wont be so bothered by the idea of knowing our food really well.

It sounds so good in theory; know where your food comes from, who produced it, and how it was raised. Give thanks for the life given that you might live, etc... But, when you are going to spend hours every day raising them, working with them, training them, theory starts to clash with reality. Stepping down the food chain starts to look more attractive. (Still, we wouldn't want to give up steak, or bacon, or a good burger, so maybe we should get ours from someone else.)

We have some time, maybe we can work through this. We have made great strides already. When we started most of the family wouldn't even eat the eggs we produced. Roasting chickens is the next logical step. They are not nearly as easy to bond with as cute calves.
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