Sunday, June 29, 2008

Red Currents and Crawdads

Yesterday at the farmers market one of our customers asked if we could use some red currents. He said he had more than he could use and didn't want them to go to waste. Of course I said yes, thinking he would give us a handful and that would be fun. A few minutes later he was back at the stand with about 15 lbs. of currents. I said "Thank you," in a rather stunned way, and he disappeared. Now I'm wondering what one does with currents. (Currents are one of the berries(?) I've always wanted to try, but haven't had the chance.) So, I'm trawling for ideas/recipes.

Red Currents

On Friday I was on my way to the green house and saw something crawling in the grass. It was a crawdad. I think she was on her way to the drainage ditch near the corn field to deposit her passel of young. I always thought of crawdads as creatures of the streams and ponds, but I guess they live pretty happily in the marshy muck that is our pasture. Most of the year the water table is a foot or so below the surface. In some areas it is only a few inches (those are really ponds waiting to get cleaned out.) I caught her and let the kids see. R had caught one in the stream at Cub Scout camp, so he was quite impressed by her size and location. Later J and R turned her free in the ditch that runs through the pasture.

Looks like a Lobster farm

Those are babies catching a ride on her tail
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