Monday, June 30, 2008

Keeping Chickens Safe

Yesterday I found a nest that one of the stupid chickens had created outside the fence. All the eggs had been cracked open and licked clean. There was also plenty of raccoon scat present. So, I dug out my second solar fencer and put some juice back into the fence around the chickens. We have had exceptional luck with the electric poultry fencing we use. If the birds are smart enough to stay inside the fence and go into their coop at night, they have no problems. The dumb ones don't last long.

Today our friend Jack-of-all-thumbs posted his recent adventures with chicken predators
I sent him the following solution which I have used in various locations with great success.

If you make the mesh on the ground about 18 inches larger than the upper step all the way around then any four legged creature trying to get in has to stand on it and touch the hot upper step. The shock seems to keep most critters away. Chickens, being two legged, will hop from the ground to the step and not get shocked. Simple, but it works pretty well.


jack-of-all-thumbs said...

Many thanks for this brilliantly simple door. It will hopefully solve my problem, particularly on those weekends that we are away (like the upcoming one) and can't secure the coop door at night.

I'm planning to buy the charger tonight and build the door tomorrow. There will be some slight modifications, to adjust to my existing layout. Hope to post pictures on Friday.

Thank you again!

jack-of-all-thumbs said...

Your idea is a definite keeper. I've provided a blow-by-blow on my site.

Many thanks!


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