Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The great cheese experiment continues

Monday was cheese making day. We made a big batch of Feta. Today it goes into the brine to age for a couple of weeks. It looks good. Definitely smells like Feta.

We also added a a new cheese to the mix. Cheddar, our first pressed cheese. Reading through my cheese book it seemed pretty straight forward, but getting all the little bits just right was trickier than I anticipated. Temperature control was the biggest challenge. Keeping a constant temp in a water bath in the kitchen sink isn't easy. In the end, I think it will prove to be a bit drier than is ideal, but hopefully still pretty good. Waiting two months to find out makes it hard to gage. Thursday we will wax it and put it in cooler to age.

cheddar curds

pressing the cheese

Also made more yogurt and yogurt cheese. Those seem to be a hit with the family and our group of testers.
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