Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tomato Leaf Curl

Yesterday I read Future House Farm's post about their tomatoes with leaf curl. Mine are doing the same thing.

Toms in my hoop house with leaf curl and yellowing leaves.
(the cherry toms next to them seem to be doing just fine.)

curling leaves

Yellowing between the veins

I found this site and this site that seemed to have some info on the topic of leaf curl. My tomatoes are also developing some yellowness in the leaves. I first thought it was yellow leaf curl, a virus that causes quite a bit of damage in tomatoes. However, my plants are growing quite well (I have to use a ladder to prune and train them at this point) and have been very productive. This seemed to indicate some other problem causing the yellowing and the leaf curl. The yellow leaves are probably Magnesium deficiency. I'll be trying Epsom salt as a foliar feed tonight. Hopefully that will help. It may help with the leaf curl too. Most of the information I could find about leaf curl indicated that cool temps and excess water or fluctuations in watering were the major causes. In the hoop house they aren't experiencing much in the way of cool temps, and our watering system keeps them watered but not supersaturated at all times. (Maybe that is the problem, but if it was I'd expect to see the same problem in the peppers, egg plants and the cherry tomatoes.) If I find anything I'll post it. Until then I'd appreciate any thoughts from the rest of you tomato gardeners out there.

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jack-of-all-thumbs said...

Any response to the Epsom salts yet?

We've planted a number of different varieties of tomatoes this year and they're responding very differently to the same conditions.


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