Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A wee bit of rain

We had just finished dinner, enjoying watching the rain fall while we ate, when a knock came at the door. The neighbor from down the road had come to tell us that our goats were getting pretty unhappy. Apparently it was a bit wet in their part of the pasture. I put on my gum boots and went to check out the situation. This is what I found. (All the goats and cows have been moved safely to the dry barn before the pictures where taken. The chickens, however, will have to fend for themselves.)

Am I a chicken or a duck?

High and 'dry'?

The goat pasture with rain shelter, (that is a 50 gal water tank)

Water went over my gum boots a bit, almost to my waist in places.

Everyone is safe and dry now. Thank goodness for great neighbors!
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