Saturday, September 27, 2008

Coshocton County Fair 2008 Day 1, Friday

The Fair is a huge event in our county. Everything (or at least most things) closes for at least the first few days, and many things are closed for the week. The kids are off school for two days. and everyone goes to the fair. A friend of ours is planning a major remodel in their house. He went to the bank on Wednesday to get the loan started and was told, "We couldn't possibly get to it until after the fair. Everyone is too busy setting up the booth and helping their kids." It's amazing, but tons of fun if you prepared in advanced and don't need anything major.

For us the fair started on Thursday. We spent the day setting up the stalls for the goats. People showing in the Junior Fair (4H and FFA) have to decorate the stall area where their animal will be staying for the week. They are also responsible for keeping the area tidy during the fair and for cleaning it up at the end. That keeps us there every day.

Setting up the stall

Friday we delivered the goats in the morning. It took a while to get them settled. In the evening we had the milk-out. This is our first year taking a production doe to the fair, so we didn't really know what to expect. Last year they made a big deal about the milk-out and the one person participating was featured in the paper. We went prepared to milk as part of a show. J in her dairy whites, ready to milk and answer questions. This year it wasn't a show. They just wanted to ensure that all the does where completely milked out at the same time so you couldn't cheat and allow their udders to over fill. It was a bit of a let down, but everything went well. We also had some time to wander through the display buildings and check out the school, 4H, and Scout booths that the kids and their friends had participated in. Fun. The rides were starting by the time we were done. The air was filled with that special popcorn, cotton candy, hot-dog-on-a-stick, carnival smell that floods the mind with memories. We quit a bit early for a fair night. Saturday the kids have to sing with their choir at 8:15 am for the opening, check the goats in with the vet. and then be at the goat show by 2 pm. Lots of friends to see showing their animals too. So a busy day ahead meant an early night.


Shibaguyz said...

We went to the big local fair this past weekend and it brought back memories of the Monroe County Fair we used to attend when I was growing up.

Good luck with the goats and have fun!!

Barbee' said...

WOW! How exciting! With good memories all around :)


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