Sunday, September 28, 2008

Coshocton County Fair Day 2, Saturday

Show Day!

7:45 AM - Arrive at the Fair Grounds to care for the goats and for J and R to sing with the Sacred Heart Children's Choir. The Fair Grounds are a bit like a ghost town at this time of morning. The carnies are just starting to make their bleary way to their stands. The folks with livestock are dragging in to water, feed, and prep. Some of them are still wearing pajamas. They probably camped over night with their animals.

early morning ghost town

The kids sang very well. Fr. Bill was happy, and the crowd was impressed. By 10:30 we were finished performing, and finished prepping the goats. The goat show didn't start until 3 pm so we scooted home for a couple hours rest.

Singing with the choir

2:00 pm - Back at the Fair Grounds. Things are looking a bit more lively now. Signed J in and got her number and a show book. Dairy goats were listed 9th. It was going to be a long afternoon. Of course J and her friend G (who is also showing a dairy goat this year) couldn't wait to get ready. The insisted on changing into their show whites immediately.

things looking a bit livelier
J and G ready to show (2:30 pm)
Still clean


interesting things across the yard

LOTS of pygmy goats

7:20 pm - Dairy Goats are up. It's a pretty fast show. It went really well. J had to hustle in and out of the ring to switch goats for the different classes. She was awesome! The goats were great too.

Show Time

in the ring with Molly

answering the judge

9:10 pm - End of the day. J and her three goats, Ginger, Darby, and Molly, took home Showmanship in the Junior class, First place Junior Kid Doe class, First Place, Second place, and Reserve Champion in the Junior/Senior Yearling Dry Doe class, and Second place and Reserve Champion in the Senior Dairy Doe class. It was quite a day.

a GOOD ending


nancybond said...

I should say it was a good ending -- congratulations to your daughter and yourself. You should be very proud. I worked with our local 4-H for a few years when my girls were young (photography, not critters) and I know it's a wonderful organization. It's 4-H weekend in my town this weekend, too. :)

sweetgrace said...

Congrats on the impressive wins!
4-H is such a great family activity. I'm hoping to get my little ones involved in it when they're bigger...wonder if they have a camel division?

Alan said...

Thanks for the nice comments. We love 4H (most of the time). It is a great thing for kids and families. Our county has a pretty big llama club and they show at the fair. There may be an exotic animal category you can get your camel into. Maybe if you had more than one so there were more kids involved? Should be able to do it as a project even if you can't take it to the fair.

queenbeehoney said...

Pictured goats and kids (human ones) are too cute for words. Loved that mohawk trim job across the way. Your photos brought back memories of the Tyler County Fair and my family's many years in 4-H. I have a great memory of my Mom (in the wee hours of the morning) scrubbing green mold off a cured ham that went on to win First Prize the next day at the Fair. And those lovely ribbons haven't changed at all. Thanks for the story and great pics!

Barbee' said...

Alan, that one photo of J with the dark background is beautiful! It looks like a Renaissance painting!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Wow, congratulations, J! Those pictures were so fun to look at - I've never been to an animal show with judging at the fair and this was really interesting!

Alan said...

The fair has been fun. It's a great way for the kids to show off what they have learned and done this past year. By day 4 though it's loosing its shine, and today (day 7) we are all glad to be done.

The show is fun, but we will never do really well. We breed for production and ability to thrive on pasture. That doesn't produce the best examples of breed standard. Our friends (G's family) produce really nice pasture raised lambs. They finish dead last every year, but if you want nice lamb to eat or for pasture raised breeding stock, that's who I'd buy from. It's not as bad as dog breeding and shows, but almost.


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