Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Cry havoc and let slip the cats of war"

The mouse wars continue. Traps have been placed strategically, and the warrior cats have been deployed to defend the border of the rebel enclave. It has been suggested to the high command that more cats would help the situation. If they were allowed to roam freely through out the enclave that would solve everything.

Sounds like an arms race.

I'm sure indoor cats would help, but family allergies won't allow this. As for more cats, we have had up to 12, but the road seems to eat them. The two we have now were born here, hand raised by J and R, and are very valiant in their efforts to rid the world of all crawling things. These are mostly deposited on our porch. It doesn't seem to be enough.

I am reminded of a favorite childhood book, "The King, The Mice, and the Cheese" by Nancy Gurney (if you like kids books this is a good one). The king loved cheese but his palace was invaded by mice, who also loved cheese. "Mice, mice, everywhere. Mice, mice, eating my cheese." moaned the king. So he brought in cats to chase away the mice, then dogs to chase away the cats, then lions to chase away the dogs, then elephants to chase away the lions. Finally, he couldn't stand it any more so he brought back the mice to chase away the elephants. The book ends with the king and the mice making a deal. The king would share his cheese, and the mice would use very good manners.

We may soon be at that point.


sweetgrace said...

Ohhh the dreaded mouse invasion. I've had slugs, snails, deer, elk, and rabbits but I think mice are the most troublesome. I have found cats are definately the best solution (although mine keep getting eaten by coyotes. I wish you all the best of will need it! Kim aka the Inadvertent Farmer

Alan said...

Thanks for the wishes Kim. I checked out your site. Looks like mice would just fit right in. This is our first real experience with cats. Mostly we like big dogs, but our two survivors are great.


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