Monday, September 22, 2008


A long time ago

in a galaxy far, far away...

Oops, wrong movie.

Not so long ago

in a corn field next door

the evil mouse sith were preparing

to invade the last

out post of the human

rebel alliance.

Mouse Wars

Summer Year three, A New Hope had arisen. The jedi knights, armed with traps, and backed by a troupe of fierce barn cats had caused havoc in the ranks of the mouse empire. But now, as the long dark approaches the Evil Darth Invader has sent his mouse sith warriors to scout invasion routes into this last human outpost on the edge of the corn field galaxy. They have succeeded in infiltrating our somewhat permeable outpost. Signs have been seen. The basement has been compromised.

The empire

strikes back

Mouse sign was discovered in the kitchen, IN THE SILVERWARE DRAWER!!! All hope is lost. War is upon us and the Empire is winning.


nancybond said...

LOL! I do hope you come out on the winning side!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Use the FORCE!!!
I feel your pain. We've had one running (recently) through our living room - to the delight of our visitor from Illinois. And they especially seem to like hanging out under our stove where I keep the pots, pans and collanders. Of course, I draw the line at mice in the kitchen, but they seem to see things otherwise. Let me know how you conquer them!

dND said...

Time to talk to the cats and tell them they're not up to scratch.

I had to resort to a 'normal' mousetrap to get one of my uninvited guests but since then it's not been too bad. Having said that it's still warm outside here so we'll see what the cooler weather brings in, I may have to give my cats a talking to then

Rowena said...

Ha! This is great...errrr...well, not the mice invasion but the humorous take on it. (And I suppose it does take a bit of humor to deal with those little buggers.)

Just thought I'd stop by to say thank you for faving me. Five acres...that's quite some space (I'm so envious!), and I was heartened to read that you also raise goats and chickens. Look forward to reading about them!

jack-of-all-thumbs said...

Unleash the power of the.....cats.

On the other hand, our occasional mouse (etc.) problem is not that they invade the house, it's that the cats bring them in through the cat door as trophies, or indoor toys, or whatever. Then, of course, the critters manage to escape and hide under the stove or the clothes dryer (last Sunday's sanctuary).

our friend Ben said...

Gack!!! This is not going to cheer you up, Alan, but we've found that it takes eight, count them, EIGHT outdoor cats (plus our three indoor cats) to keep the mice out of the house. (Oh, shriek, the silverware drawer?!!! Ours always liked the nice, warm drawer under the gas stove. But they also liked the living room for soem reason.) We've had more, we've had less, but eight outside seems to be the magic number. No chipmunks, no squirrels, no rabbits, no nothin'. (Except the occasional marauding raccoon and... 'possums. For whatever reason, the cats won't go near 'em.) This year, we have five outdoor cats plus two toms who visit almost daily, so we're short a few (and no, anyone reading this, we do NOT want any more, thank you). We'll see what transpires as colder weather destroys the mice's outdoor stores. Hysterical post, by the way!!! We needed a good laugh.

Daphne said...

Oh I hate mice. I keep permanent traps in the two places they invade from. As long as I do that I don't have problems in my kitchen. They tend to stay in the basement or garage. I really need a cat. The dog just doesn't cut it.

Shibaguyz said...

Rat Terrier or a similar breed of dog is your best bet. Those little guys are relentless at getting rid of vermin of all sorts.


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