Monday, September 22, 2008

Fair Preparation

The past few days have been a mad dash to get everything finished for the Fair. The goats look great, even crazy Ginger the tunnel goat. J seems prepared, the judges ask lots of questions while you are showing your goat, and your ability to respond, smile, and keep your goat moving the way the judge wants are how Showmanship is judged. She should do well.

One of our last projects to finish was building another milk stand. We have one, but hauling it to the fair and back every day to milk in both places wold be a bit crazy. So, we have spent some time this past weekend building a new one that comes apart for easy hauling.

Measuring for the base

Measuring the frame

Screwing the base to the frame

Adding the back legs

Mostly done

A bit of paint

The milk stand is almost done. I have to fit a grain bowl on the front, and make the head lock. That will happen this afternoon.

C and the kids also made a new sign to hang above the pen at the fair. 4-H members have to decorate the the livestock pens and keep them clean for the whole week of the fair. It's no fun for the goats. The show is on the first day of the fair, and they have to stay for the remainder of the week with nothing to do.


nancybond said...

Good luck with your goat! My daughters both went through 4-H and it's such a great organization.

our friend Ben said...

OMG!!! The stupid word verification is actually showing---and it's only the THIRD time I've tried to leave a comment on this post! Will wonders never cease?!! Given that I can almost never get your word verification to show up, let me say now that I love your posts and look forward to each and every one, and would comment more often if I could. And bazillion congratulations of your finalist status in the Blotanical awards!!! VERY well deserved!!! As for this post, I love "Ginger the tunnel goat." Sounds like the title of a children's book. Maybe you should write it! And good luck to the kids at the fair!!! Keep us posted.

Alan said...

Thanks for the support guys. I'm not sure we deserve a Blotanical's nomination, but I'm glad you all enjoy laughing at life along with me.

OFB, not sure why you have so much trouble getting through the word verification. Doesn't seem to bother other folks (or they just give up and I never know.) Not sure what I can do about it from this end. Without it we get overrun with junk. I like the children's book idea. I'll put that on my todo list. We have a goat all picked out for you when you are ready...


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