Friday, October 31, 2008

Doing Nothing

Sometimes doing nothing is the best policy. Not very often, especially when you are trying to encourage things to develop in a certain direction, but once in a while it works. Usually we are not brave enough to try the do nothing approach, feeling that we must be in control. The option usually presents it's self when the urgent overwhelms the important, and everything else gets short shrift. This is what happened with our blue berries. They were planted with high hopes and great fanfare this past spring, nursed along until the beginning of the summer rush, and then promptly ignored. The weeds consumed the bed. Soon it was covered in six foot tall thistle and poke weed. As I went about my day I searched for other things to look at rather than face the wrack and ruin that was the blue berry bed.

Today was clean-up day. The detritus from splitting wood that had covered the yard near the house was raked into piles and needed to find a useful place to decompose. Bravely, thinking that the bark and wood chips would make nice mulch around the blue berries, I poked my head into the forest of thistle stalks to see if anything had survived. What a happy surprise to see the crimson leaves of the blue berries shining in the sun amongst the thistle stalks. The suicide chickens had gotten in there and cleaned out all the other weeds, so it looked like a perfectly nice bed at ground level. The thistle, now quite dead and surprisingly shallow rooted, popped right out and the mulch went in to settle the bed for the winter. All the blue berries survived. I think the shade of the weeds protected them from the ravages of our hot dry summer. Serendipity.
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