Saturday, November 1, 2008

Doing Nothing - Part Two

After several exhausting weeks of activity and projects we all voted to do nothing today. So today we made napkins out of remnants that were cluttering the craft closet, moved fences, drove an hour to the lumber store to pick up the inevitable bits that get forgotten when we plan a big project, watched a movie, make barbecued meatballs with bourbon sauce, talked for and hour and a half with a family who was interested in buying Wellington for a 4H calf next year, sat on the porch with crackers, cheese, and cider, brushed the dog, fed the chickens, milked the cow, put the herd to bed, celebrated Harry the Hamster's third birthday, laughed, napped, made masks, read blogs, talked on the phone with folks we hadn't spoken to in years, puttered in the greenhouse, kept the fire going, did the dishes, laughed at Paula Poundstone on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, drank more cider, and relaxed.

What a nice do nothing day
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