Tuesday, October 21, 2008


4:30 am

chilly dark, bathed in faint silver moonlight
coffee steam and wood smoke waft up
joining wispy clouds that
scud and skitter across the moon

in the dark woods
the great horned owl calls "good day"
roosters stir
tentatively welcoming the dawn


before the alarm clocks ring

Morning is my favorite time of day.


Barbee' said...

That is beautiful. I could just see and hear it all... and smelled the coffee. I have tried so hard to be a morning person, but it has never worked. I think morning people are so lucky, and it seems to me, they are the successful people. My husband is a lark, but I'm an owl.

nancybond said...

A most delightful poem! I can smell that coffee and wood smoke. How I long to be back in the country...

inadvertentfarmer said...

Perfect words for a fall morning!

Your hidden talents amaze me...stay at home dad, animal keeper, farmer, gardener, and now poet. Is there anything you can't do? Well besides nurse that is, lol! Kim

Alan said...

I'm sure C could give you quite an extensive list of things i can't do. Dancing is one of them, and I know that will be an issue this weekend. Weddings are not my thing.

Pen+Ink said...

Oooh but wait!
Has he mentioned catching rattlesnake barehanded!
And now poetry.
If he was a girl he'd be my hero :)

Alan said...


If I was a girl I would probably have been smart enough to NOT pick up live rattlesnakes with my bare hands. I'd probably have realized that once you pick it up you have to do something with it, and that's not so easy. Nothing heroic in being stupid and living through it.


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