Monday, October 20, 2008

Politics and Fudge

Thanks to everyone for your support as we worked through this time with Luna. It was touching to think that others were sharing our journey in some way.

Moving on. Several things touched a cord with me this weekend on the political change front. First was a post by Sheria about racism, issues, and idiots. The second was a comic in the Columbus Dispatch. It's copyrighted by Darby Conley, so I probably shouldn't post it, but it is just too good.

The third was a post by a good friend from South Africa about unintentionally supporting divisiveness and racism by our unconscious use of language.

Other than politics, which I try to not think about too much, we have been busy with fall stuff. We got hit by a couple of good frosts. The outside garden is mostly done. Now it is time to clean up. We got the woodshed filled, and still have a bit to stack somewhere, but it is good to know that most of it is under cover. The wood shed is 6' X 14' and we stacked well over 9' high. I think we ended up with a bit more than the 5 cords we ordered. Everything around us is indicating we are well into fall. The leaves are changing. The neighbors are cutting their corn. And the smell of wood smoke fills the air in the morning.

Color Changing
Corn Harvest

Yesterday we got busy preparing for an upcoming wedding. Sometime last spring, when I was feeling on top of the world, I was asked if I could make some goat milk fudge for our niece's wedding. She wanted a home made gift to put out at each table at the reception, and she really liked our fudge. Didn't seem like it would be that big a challenge, so I said yes. Well, the wedding is this weekend, so it was fudge making time. The fudge was easy. Making 200 individual gift bags with chocolate and peanut butter fudge in them was a bit more challenging. I'm just not that artsy. Good thing I have a talented wife. C stepped in and saved the project from screaming wrack and ruin. It's done now. The bags look great. I've promised to say "NO" to these kinds of projects in the future. At least until the next time.

Making bags for fudge
Lots of fudge


Heather said...


our friend Ben said...

Um, I don't suppose there's any fudge left, by any chance?!! Just checking.

inadvertentfarmer said...

Yummy, I've never had goat's milk fudge. I'll trade you some jam for some think I'm kidding don't you, lol!

How do you get your wood down from 9 feet, do you have to use a ladder? Kim

Alan said...

This was the end of goat milk fudge until March. The goats are getting a rest. We are switching to cows milk for the winter. It makes really nice fudge too, and ice cream, and butter...

I could possibly be persuaded to set up some sort of exchange, trading fudge for jam or something. It's probably illegal to ship it across state lines, but it might be worth it.

The fire wood in front of the door isn't stacked 9 feet high. we take down that row first, and then stand on the remains to reach the top of the next row.


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