Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rabbits at the fair

We went to the Rabbit Show at the fair because J has been really interested in rabbits. The show wasn't much fun to watch, it is hard to tell what's happening in the judging, but the kids waiting to show were really nice and we got to see a lot of different rabbits up close. J is developing a plan to add rabbits to our farm. She wants to be a breeder, showing at the fair for a start, and selling rabbits to other 4H and FFA kids. I want a rabbit that will have potential as a food source if it is going to stay a long term part of the farm. After a lot of reading and looking we have decided on two types. To keep me happy and still have an interesting show animal we chose the Champagne D'Argent (French Silver, goes well with our French Alpines). It is a showy meat rabbit. No one in the area (at least at the fair this year) is raising them. For J's enjoyment we chose the Netherland Dwarf. Its cute, and makes a very nice pet or show rabbit. Now we are developing the plans for the rabbitry and looking for breeders in our general area. We'll be posting more about this project as it progresses.

An interesting side to this. Sometime back I posted plans for a rabbit hutch with a worm bin underneath. This post is the second most visited entry on my blog. We don't even have rabbits yet and people are coming here looking for information. Strange.

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Barbee' said...

Alan, I don't mean to highjack your post, but have you seen the two little bunnies in one of my posts?
Also, I'm wondering how in the world will you be able to "harvest" the rabbits for eating when the children grow fond of them.


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