Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Today I got to come face to face with the reality of my "save the world" approach to life. It started with our puppy, Luna. We, being responsible dog owners, took Luna to the vet to be spayed (what a term! Yuck!) 5:30 am I am driving a puppy to the vet for surgery. At 1 pm we get the call that everything is finished and we can come get her. (This was yesterday.) We brought home our sad, groggy puppy, and settled her in for the night. Today, things didn't go so well. She was supposed to be most of the way back to 100%. NOT! She was sick. Couldn't keep anything in. So, I called the vet. " Take her temp!" they said. I did (not pleasant!) 102.1. "That's normal. Give her an aspirin and call us back after lunch." So, I did. By that time she couldn't even drink with out vomiting more than she took in. So we took poor Luna back to the vet. They made us go to the drive through. The tech came out and did the tests. (Don't get me wrong. we LIKE our vet. she is excellent, and the folks who work for her are too.) PARVO. Apparently it is rampant in our area. The folks at the shelter missed it, and her vaccines didn't catch it. Options...$1000.+ to admit her to the hospital, where they would keep her on an iv and things would probably work out, or we could bring her home and give her sub Q fluids several times a day with meds, and things would work out. Life SUCKS!!! We brought her home. Learning to be vets. J loves it. (doesn't like that it is our puppy, but is fascinated by the process.) R doesn't want to know. The rest of us know what the most likely outcome will be, and are already sad. Good thing we have J who is full of hope and energy to keep us on the program.

On a more human note, I got to go to Cub Scouts today! Our Pack Leader is a Deputy Sheriff. He recruits heavily from the people he works with. R is the only boy in our den with two parents involved in his life. He is also the only boy with a dad who is even remotely a positive. It took us 30 min to get one of the boys to come in for the meeting today. This week we got in 15 minutes of scouting. Pretty good with a bunch of strays that we only see once a week, but a pretty sad comment on our community.
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