Saturday, October 11, 2008

Transformation Magic

Well, its sort of a transformation. It is still a giant pile of wood waiting to be stacked, but it has been split into much smaller pieces. Transformation. The magical change of a thing. In this case it changed from a rather large, mostly useless pile of logs that was sitting in the damp next to the garage, attracting ants and starting to grow all kinds of interesting fungus, to a rather large pile of split wood next to the wood shed, drying nicely in the sun, waiting to be stacked and then provide heat for our house this winter. Magic. Of course, the magic only happens when the proper ritual is performed by one with the needed mindset and ability. In this case the mindset required pushing through the aching back to continue the bending and lifting all day. It also involved a wee bit of technology as an aid. Magic always asks a lot of the practitioners. Even with the pain involved the transformation is worth it. Useless mess into useful mess. This is good magic.

From this...

to this, in three easy steps.

Today we stack wood.
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