Monday, November 17, 2008

escaping from exile

Finally it is finished. What a good book! The only one in the collection of Ender books that didn't blow me away was Children of the Mind, and I still read it cover to cover in one sitting. Can't do that anymore, so books like this are only allowed in the house on a very limited basis. It did consume all of my "spare" time, meaning that the other spare time activities, like keeping up with my blog, or reading all the great posts on my blog reader, didn't get done. Still, it was worth it. If you don't know Orson Scott Card's Ender series, you should check them out! If you are not a SciFi fan don't be put off. These are books about people. The setting is very much a background thing. (wonder if i get a commission for promoting his books?) Now I'm free again, at least until the next OSC, or TP or CdeL book comes out, these are the novels that eat up all my free moments.

Our pony has settled in nicely. We are through most of the "who's the boss" antics, and starting to see some real responsiveness. She seems to like being out on pasture with a herd, and loves all the brushing, hoof care, and treats the kids give her. I have a line on a pony saddle and some harness tack that might fit her. I want to see what she can do and improve her condition a bit, but I don't want to push too hard with her approaching her last trimester. (What we'll do with another useless pony is a whole other nightmare.)

It looks like we can call the election at this point. There are less that 10 minutes left to vote (hurry and screw up my counts!) and the counts stand as follows: Brigid 8, Alan's Folly 3, Wishes 2, Dreama 1. Thanks for participating in our little foray into the democratic process. Official results will be posted tomorrow.

A few nice rains in Oct and great weather through the first part of Nov have given the grass a bit of a boost. We are now down to about three days of grazing before we start on the lawn. If I can keep the cows off the lawn that would be a good thing, but the rest of the mob will do a rotation around the house and the "formal" areas. Should make it to the end of the month. This is where we were at the beginning of January last year, but the eight weeks of no rain starting in June really messed up the grazing.

The barn is starting to fill up with hay. I ordered it early, when I knew we were in trouble, but I wasn't ready to pick it up, and the grower wasn't ready to deliver. Now it is starting to happen.

The weather was lovely and cold this morning. It's funny, the kids will fight me when I try to get them to go out, but if you put a skiff of snow on the ground they want to be out in it all day. Weird.


Shibaguyz said...

OSC: I was totally swept up in the Alvin Maker series several years ago. That was before his Mormon brethren decided to step outside the boundaries of the separation of church and state and decided to wage all out war on my people. Anyway... that's a post for our blog.

Pony names: Allan's Folly... lovin' that one for sure. Two votes from the Shibaguyz for that one. Oh... or Betty... we had a pony when I was growing up named Betty. Loved that horse.

Snow: That picture you posted makes even ME want to go out and crunch around in my muck boots. Can't wait till the first good snow here. They never last long but it's a hoot to see the Shibaboyz out running around in the snow. It's like they don't know for sure what it is and act like crazed nuts... wait... they act like that a lot anyway...

Daphne said...

So I know and love OSC and TP, but I've never read any CdL (deLint maybe?). Is there one of his that you would consider his quintessential book? I'm always happy to find new authors as I love to read.

Alan said...

Daphne, start with Dreams Underfoot, a collection of short stories that introduce some of his characters and the city of Newford. If you like that try Memory & Dream, a novel that I really liked. I most enjoy the Newford stories, but it would be hard to tell you where to go next after Memory and Dream. Let me know what you think.


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