Thursday, November 13, 2008

Five minutes makes a LOT of difference

Evening. Time to do the chores. Feet propped up on the fender of the stove, Ender's Exile has sucked me in. Five more minutes then I'll go.

Now it's dark. All the animals are restive. Pony (still unnamed. Please vote!) came to the barn at a trot, dragging me along. (We spent an hour with her today, inspired by the post at Sallygardens, but she is starting to think she is the boss. Another project...) May, our wonderful Dexter cow, came along nicely. Then the goats. All but Blots ran straight to the barn. Blots veered off towards Egypt. I closed the gate and went after her. A few minutes later (and a few choice words) and she was on her way back to the barn. I opened the gate to push Blots in and May bolted. I'm brave, but 650 lbs of crazy cow make me step aside. Blots went in and May went out. Words were said. The neighbors were walking up the lane from an evening of deer hunting. They called out their offer of help. "The next thing that moves is DEAD!!" I replied. Quietly, they went on their way. Eventually May was captured and led back to the barn. I was reminded that I may think I am in charge, but my herd can change that at any time.

If I had started five minutes earlier while it was light things would have been much different. I suppose I can blame it on a really engaging book.

This post was supposed to be about chickens. It was to be followed by a post about rabbits. They are coming soon.


inadvertentfarmer said...

ROFL...I just can picture you running around in the dark chasing a cow. It just makes me so thankful that Gizmo never escapes, now that would be trouble.

Thanks for the chuckle first thing in the morning!

Barbee' said...

There is nothing like sinking into a good book.

Pen+Ink said...

Tee hee - the Life and Times!
Still better than a suite and tie and trying to squeeze into the subway ey?
Say yes!
Please say yes!

Pen+Ink said...

Or is that suit?
No, the E looks better.
Gourd - I wish they would put a spell check on here.
Halfway through Deathly Hallows and keep having to stop myself from swatting evry time one of my daughters comes near...

Alan said...

Hey Laughing Girl (she who always manages to find a way to use LOL or ROFL in her comments, causing some of us who are less adept at texting to have to ask our preteens what LOL and ROLF mean.) To add to the chuckle factor, I should have mentioned that our lovely cow, May, is black as pitch. Add that to a dark and stormy night, and it is a very comical chase.

Pen+ink, a suit is an set of clothing, usually formal and expensive, often worn by men in the corporate world. A suite is a collection of furniture, a collection of rooms, or a group of advisers.

I had to look them up, spelling is not my strong point (just ask my kids). Never-the-less, I would much rather chase crazy black cows through a pitch black night than put on a monkey suit and work for the MAN.


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