Thursday, November 20, 2008

Garden Planning

With the arrival of cold weather and my favorite garden catalogs, both of which seem a bit early this year, it is time to start planning next years garden. This is a chore I love and hate with equal passion. I love reading the catalogs, looking at the gorgeous photos of the newest thing for the garden. I love the mental process of visualizing the garden in it's various stages, and how all the new additions will fit and add their bit to the riot of life that is a garden at it's finest. I hate the paring back required by the realities of space, time, climate, and budget. And I really hate the detail of maps and spreadsheets outlining rotations, successions, projected harvest dates, quantities, planting schedules, etc. Without the detail the garden falls far short of it's potential, and we have a lean year at the table and the market. So, I'll grit my teeth and do it, and follow the plan through the year with the ferocity of a terrier, but I won't ever say I enjoy that part of planning. But, I'm at the beginning, the time of vision and dreams. I'll save the grimness of reality for another day and lose myself in the beautiful photos and the visions of what might be...
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