Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Being thankful for the blessings we didn't want

I got an email from my sister the other day. In it she talked a bit about some of the things she was grateful for that she didn't expect to be. A while back she and her husband had been trying to by a house. All they wanted was a small starter home, but things just never worked out. She was quite frustrated. She had taken on a rental management job to cut their living expenses and earn a bit extra so they could buy the house. She hated it. Recently her husband lost his job. The rental management job that she hated now supported the family. And, since they weren't saddled with the $7000 a month mortgage payment for the starter home they wanted, (they DON'T live in rural OH, I can't imagine that kind of a house payment.) they will survive until he can find a job.

Last night found me thinking about the unexpected, sometimes unwanted, blessings in my life when a knock came at the door. It was EG, our neighbor, just back from the first day of gun season. He had five deer in the back of his truck and wanted to know if I wanted one. My first thought was "NO!!! I don't want a deer right now." The last thing I need is another all day project added to my crazy schedule. But then I thought of my sister, of the tough economic times we face, and of how happy we may be for a freezer full of venison sausage, chili meat, and cutlets, and said "Yes, Thank You."

So, today I will rush through my cub scout preparation, the kids school, and the basic chores, so I have enough time to get the deer skinned and cut up into manageable bits. The sausage will have to wait for a less busy day, but the rest will get done. When it is I will be thankful for the unexpected, unwanted blessing.
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