Thursday, December 11, 2008

Interesting times

You would think that a post with this title would have cropped up during the political season, but that has past, and even though politics still bubbles and spits in the news, it isn't that interesting. Everything changed and yet everything remains the same.

My holiday book this season is Terry Pratchett's Hogfather. I looked for something more interesting, but couldn't find anything. I'd hoped for Wintersmith, but my library hasn't acquired it yet. Ah well, for anyone who is looking for a nondenominational. seasonally appropriate (in a twisted way) exploration of the power of belief with a bit of commentary on education, government, politics, and death thrown in, this is an excellent read. Perhaps if I'm really good I find the Wintersmith under the tree. If not I can drive the hour and a half to the bookstore and get it or break down and buy it on line.

At Roberts Roost we are exploring ways to be financially more independent. Mostly we have been riding on C's great job, but that is suddenly not so secure looking as we thought. Even if it remains viable, being that dependent on outside support flys in the face of our philosophy. So, as I warm my old tired butt by the fire tonight I am thinking of things we can do to boost farm income and reduce expenses. Not a pleasant task, although the butt warming is quite nice and one of the true benefits of having a fire. (pictures would be entirely inappropriate) The thing that comes to mind right now is Farm Camp (not forced labor, although that might have some saleability in the correctional institutions). We had kids stay for a week the past two summers and they loved it. We both teach and are very into hands on learning , so maybe there is something there. Still exploring.

One interesting thing to note. Hedgewizard finally published his book about polytunnels. He has a short video and a link to the sale site on his blog. If you are interested in year round gardening you should check it out.

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inadvertentfarmer said...

Interesting thoughts...butt warming aside, lol! We have jsut about acomplished wiping out all of our debt (just have small bit of mortgage to go) but trying to wrap my brain around how we could live without hubby's good job is a bit of a stretch for me. I admire you for having the forthought to consider the possibility.


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